All Torterolo & Re doors are sturdy and resistant to every type of intrusion, insulated against the noise and heat, and impermeable to air and water. All doors can be CUSTOMISED as preferred: there are thousands of different combinations of colour, material, and decoration.

The entrance door, especially the one defined as “security door”, is one of the building components that has undergone the greatest evolution in recent years. From being a burglar resistant product of simple, strong construction, it has taken on the more specific characteristics of a sound and heat insulating door, impermeable to air and water, resistant to wind load, as well as being an item of decor. Our products have followed and at times anticipated these innovations. Today, we offer performance at the top of the category.


Burglary resistance

European Standard UNI EN 1627 is the one that has permitted security doors to be classified by their burglary resistance since 2000. Three types of test are specified, ranging from manual attack using various tools to the application of static loads at different points on the door, and only the products that pass the three tests at the same level can be classified according to this standard. The higher the burglary-resistance class is, the greater the security: from the lowest Class 1, higher and higher classification levels are certified by simulating the potential burglar’s greater and greater break-in means and intention.Class 3 represents the optimum level of resistance for a domestic use while Class 4 offers an even higher level of guarantee.

Acoustic insulation

A security door’s acoustic comfort is a feature not to be taken lightly: protection against noise from outside guarantees psychophysical wellbeing and a higher quality of life. In the technical branch of noise reduction, the unit of measure adopted for acoustic insulation is the decibel. As regards security doors, the following simplification can be made:

  • from 20 to 30 dB, the product gives low performance;
  • from 31 to 35 dB, the product is in the average of those on the market;
  • from 36 to 39 dB, the product gives good performance;
  • from 40 dB upwards, the product guarantees an optimum level of acoustic insulation.

In order for acoustic insulation to be guaranteed, the doors must be installed correctly. This is why we provide installers with the precise instructions required to obtain the maximum comfort from a Torterolo & Re door.

Thermal transmittance (U-VALUES)

A part of the thermal energy used to heat or cool a room is lost through doors and windows – the elements that serve as barriers between outside and inside. Thermal transmittance is the average flow of heat that passes per square metre through a structure that separates two rooms having different temperatures. Thermal insulation is measured in Wm² K (Ud). The closer the value comes to 0, the better the thermal insulation is. Thanks to their construction technique and composite materials, Torterolo & Re doors guarantee extremely high-performance levels that even reach values of 0.9 to 0.8 in Confort 09 Plus Series doors. Good thermal insulation permits significant savings in energy.

Condensate formation

Condensation is a natural phenomenon caused primarily by a rise in “relative humidity” measured in percentage. Whenever the temperature rises, the air absorbs water vapour until saturation point; when the temperature falls, the air expels the vapour, which when it comes into a colder surface, condenses into drops of water that stick to it. In winter, the coldest surfaces are those between the home’s inside and outside surfaces: its walls, windows, and obviously, entrance doors.
Torterolo & Re doors have a patented frame that breaks the thermal bridge that limits the formation of condensation under the most extreme conditions. We recommend providing all our security doors with accurate maintenance in order to keep condensation as low as possible.

Special panels

Torterolo & Re security doors protect your privacy and express each homeowner’s personality in a wide range of types of wood, finishes and colours. Whatever your choice may be, the solution is a Torterolo & Re series panel or coating.



A vertically pivoting security door. E-Glide will surprise you with its modern design, clean lines and balanced proportions. Fluid in its movement, impressive to see and touch, its performance in terms of security and energy saving is excellent.



Break-in attempts are very often made by forcing the lock, attempting to drill into it, extract its cylinder or tear it away from the door. The locks of our security doors are equipped with 8 pins expressly designed to ensure the maximum passive security.


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