Special panels

A security door is both a boundary and a bridge between each one’s private universe and the outside world. For this reason, choice should embody not only the desire for security and functionality, but beauty, class, and style as well.
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Solid wood

Solid wood panels are the most valuable, with beauty derived from the accuracy of working and the uniqueness of each and every element.
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Milled wood panels

Milled wood panels are the most versatile and stable for use on the door's external side. The wood's surface is enhanced by patterns and inserts.
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Produced with different types of wood – walnut, oak,… – or lacquered panels or back-lacquered glass distinguished by the linearity of the compositions.
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The modern textures of these panels made with different materials alternated with aluminium inserts create shimmering chromatic effects.
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The warm tones of the most traditional woods – chestnut, pine, oak, canoe-wood…- and the simplicity of the patterns contribute to create intimate and cosy interiors.
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The classic, elegant lines in the “wood effect” version acquire restrained exuberance in the coloured versions thanks to an open pore finish.
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Rectangles, circles, waves and arches create effects of great originality thanks to the special interpretation of lines and decorations permitted by aluminium.
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We provide an exact reproduction of the characteristics and design of your original door, such as the external panel of an apartment building’s security door.

Design panels

We can create panels to your design in all its patterns and thicknesses, structures, materials, and colours.

Security doors

All Torterolo & Re doors are sturdy and resistant to every type of intrusion, insulated against the noise and heat, and impermeable to air and water. All doors can be “suited” as preferred: there are thousands of different combinations of colour, material, and finish.



A vertically pivoting security door. E-Glide will surprise you with its modern design, clean lines and balanced proportions. Fluid in its movement, impressive to see and touch, its performance in terms of security and energy saving is excellent.



Break-in attempts are very often made by forcing the lock, attempting to drill into it, extract its cylinder or tear it away from the door. The locks of our security doors are equipped with 8 pins expressly designed to ensure the maximum passive security.


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