360° security

Break-in attempts are very often made by forcing the lock, attempting to drill into it, extract its cylinder or tear it away from the door. Locking systems must invariably be provided with protective devices that prevent opening, even when these most aggressive types of action are used.
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Security lock with Euro profile cylinder

The locks of our security doors are equipped with 8 pins expressly designed to ensure the maximum passive security.
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Lock with one key to control the entire locking system or with double key to regular access by service staff.
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Security devices efficiently counter illegal opening techniques and attempts at breaking the cylinder.
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Motorised security lock

Thanks to the Linx system no bolt closing manoeuvre is needed because the door does everything by itself with motorised movement.
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The bolts and the latch bolt retract and exit automatically by approaching the transponder card to the reader.
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Security doors

All Torterolo & Re doors are sturdy and resistant to every type of intrusion, insulated against the noise and heat, and impermeable to air and water. All doors can be “suited” as preferred: there are thousands of different combinations of colour, material, and finish.



A vertically pivoting security door. E-Glide will surprise you with its modern design, clean lines and balanced proportions. Fluid in its movement, impressive to see and touch, its performance in terms of security and energy saving is excellent.


Special panels

Torterolo & Re security doors protect your privacy and express each homeowner’s personality in a wide range of types of wood, finishes and colours. Whatever your choice may be, the solution is a Torterolo & Re series panel or coating.


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