The cylinder

The Prestige Excel version has all the security of the Prestige cylinder with the additional protection possibility offered whenever the key is lost or stolen.
Internal security devices are updated to efficiently counter illegal opening techniques such as BUMPING, PICKING, and TRACING. Shaped profile-control pins in “AXIS” irreversibly block the cylinder and prevent opening in cases of BUMPING, PICKING, and TRACING. The controlled breakage cut provides additional security against extraction or break-in attempts Brushed nickel finish.

The key

Reversible keys in nickel silver with patented profile. Shaped profile-control pins add mathematical security. A magnetic pin positioning insert is an effective passive defence measure against key decoding. Coloured inserts permit easy key identification.

One more key means more security

In addition to the worksite key and the 5 definitive keys, the presence of this cylinder envisions an additional key. Should one of the principal keys ever be lost or stolen, this additional key immediately disables all the others by simply inserting it into the lock, in such way completely cancelling the previous coding and barring entry to the person with the lost or stolen key.
The owner’s card received with the delivery of the door must obviously be displayed when requesting copies of key.

The card

PROTECTED CARD COPY is an “active” security measure for PRESTIGE series cylinder key owners. PROTECTED COPY of keys come with a numbered owner’s card that must be displayed at authorised Torterolo & Re centres or dealers whenever a copy is requested.
The owner’s card matches each set of original keys. The numbers on the card match the numbers punched into the keys. The owner’s card is therefore the only document that enables a request for a copy and for such reason must be kept in a safe place that prevents unauthorised persons from obtaining it even only for the short time required to request a copy.
No duplicate owner’s cards are issued.

Measures against burglary

REDUCED SECTION for controlled breakage in case of burglary attempts. Should the cylinder ever break during a burglary attempt, it will break along a pre-cut line created for this purpose, in this way preventing the opening of the lock.

Maximum security

  • 6 active pins.
  • 4 shaped profile-control pins IN “AXIS” irreversibly block the cylinder and prevent opening in cases of BUMPING, PICKING, and TRACING.
  • (Patented) anti-manipulation magnetic positioning pin.
  • Coding pins, deadbolts, and plugs with elevated hardness increase defence against perforation.
  • Counter-pins with anti-picklock shaping in tempered steel.
  • Elevated number of combinations thanks to 6 coding pins.

Key security

  • The main keys and the coding change key are provided separately in sealed packages and come with two different owner’s cards.
  • The key’s profile is PATENTED.
  • Compact and ergonomic reversible keys in nickel silver with amaranth-coloured plastic grip come complete with coloured inserts for every grip for easy identification.
  • Keys provided in sealed package (blister-pack).
  • The key for temporary use at the worksite is disabled the first time that the definitive keys are used.

Certified security

  • PICKING and BUMPING resistance certified by ICIM to the highest levels set by the reference standard.
  • TRACING resistance. Coding is protected against the burglary technique based on “tracing” or “impression”.

Versions available

Double cylinder Key / Key

Cylinder Key / Knob

Double cylinder Key / Frictioned Key

Security doors

All Torterolo & Re doors are sturdy and resistant to every type of intrusion, insulated against the noise and heat, and impermeable to air and water. All doors can be “suited” as preferred: there are thousands of different combinations of colour, material, and finish.



A vertically pivoting security door. E-Glide will surprise you with its modern design, clean lines and balanced proportions. Fluid in its movement, impressive to see and touch, its performance in terms of security and energy saving is excellent.


Special panels

Torterolo & Re security doors protect your privacy and express each homeowner’s personality in a wide range of types of wood, finishes and colours. Whatever your choice may be, the solution is a Torterolo & Re series panel or coating.


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