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Choosing a security door

Choosing a security door


Security doors provide important benefits in a property, both functional and aesthetic.  In addition to resistance to forced entry – a critical and principal characteristic – ensuring an appearance, both internally and externally, to blend in with the style of the building is another key feature.

The right levels of thermal and acoustic insulation and also suitable weather resistance must also be specified.

The final choice of a door will take account of all these factors.



Resistance to Forced Entry

CSIAll Torterolo & Re security door sets are assessed using the European standard, ENV1627 – within this standard, the classes that are appropriate for residential dwellings are Class 2 (defined as being applicable to houses with a ‘low’ security risk), Class 3 (for houses with ‘medium’ risk) and Class 4 (for buildings in which a ‘high’ level of protection is required).
A programme of testing to LPS 1175 was also completed successfully for the C30; C60 & Confort UK models.

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Thermal Properties


The “U” value is a measure of the thermal properties of a door; the lower the “U” value, the greater the heat retention of the door and therefore the greater the energy savings that are available.
Increasingly specific “U” values are being specified in national / local building regulations.
Good levels of thermal and acoustic insulation help to save energy in making homes and buildings comfortable to live and work in – the higher the levels of insulation, the lower the costs and greater the efficiency of the living or working environment.
Increasingly, a range of regulations is being enforced to ensure the overall thermal performance of a building with specific “U” values being stipulated for, for example, external doors and windows.

Important standards that relate to these aspects include:

  • UNI EN ISO 10077-1 and 2 and
  • UNI EN ISO 10211

Thermal profile of the security door COMFORT 09

Thermal profile

Acoustic properties – soundproofing


The greater the level of soundproofing, the greater the general comfort in a residence or building – rigorous testing programmes are undertaken to ensure high levels of sound proofing in our products

Increasingly particular sound proofing standards are being specified – the overall sound insulation of a building, and within this, individual components is measured in decibels (dB)

Tests are undertaken at official internationally recognised test laboratories using the following international standards:

  • UNI EN ISO 717-1 and
  • UNI EN ISO 140-3

Weather Resistance


For doors with a particular exposure to the elements (especially wind and rain) as well as ensuring that the exterior panel of the door leaf is specified with a suitably weather resistant surface, special kits to ensure that a door is sealed tightly within the frame are available.

CE Marking

CE Marking

From February 2010, it has been a legal requirement to ensure that all pedestrian doors conform to CE and be marked as such.  The CE mark is a breakthrough in consumer protection and provides the assurance that products meet the requirements of the Directive for Construction Material and other standards; a special CE label is provided with each door set to highlight conformance and other properties.

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The versatility of the product range means that all Torterolo & Re bespoke security door sets can be customised to meet individual styles and tastes and blend in with the decor of a building – the range of coatings is very wide, ranging from classical to contemporary, modern upholstery and fabric to wood and lacquer, coated aluminium and laminates and personal or architectural design to meet all needs.  

A critical factor is to take into account technical and other assessments outlined in the guide to the choice of coatings.



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