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Technical Considerations

A wide range of panels is available. For external use particularly, careful consideration must be given to the weather conditions to which the door will be exposed. A few key issues need to be addressed.

Solid Wood Panels

Solid Wood PanelsAll solid woods used in Torterolo & Re security door sets are selected with the greatest of care; a key criterion is that they have an inner humidity of 10 to 12% to permit natural movement of the wood within the panel.
The degree of movement will vary depending on the panel size and the type of wood with softer woods, for example beech and cherry, showing greater movement than harder woods such as Douglas fir and oak.

Milled Panels

Milled PanelsMilled (or routered) panels are manufactured with several layers being glued together with weatherproof adhesives. The visible flat surfaces are specially engineered to replicate individual wood grains, and a wide range is available. An important feature of these panels is their very good weather resistance. Darker shades of wood finish, for example walnut and other hardwoods, tend to retain their original ‘colour’ better than lighter finishes.
Milled panels can also be prepared to be finished with a RAL colour.*




A range of treatments (varnishes, paints etc) is available; all are water based and therefore environmentally friendly. The durability depends particularly on exposure to UV light. Henceforth, if an external door has some protection, for example a porch, the external finish will last longer and will require less maintenance.
Pigments in colour finishes are metal oxides which filter the amount of light on the surface of the panel; the higher the pigment content, the greater the durability of the finished surface.


To preserve surface coatings, some simple maintenance is required, such as routine cleaning with a soft cloth and natural soap.
To ensure that an external panel provides appropriate weather protection, the ‘star rating,’ outlined below, should be followed.





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